Why should you join an Accelerator program?

Joining a leading accelerator program is an incredible experience, opportunity, and an enormous privilege – it gives your business bold and competitive advantage.

Being part of an accelerator program can get your business an initial cash injection, yet it’s not the underlying reason to join the program. It’s there to keep the business going for the length of the program or relocate, but it’s the least important reason to join an accelerator. The money roughly represents about 10% of why you should join the program. The value is not in the money; it’s about the long-term opportunities and success in your business. You can get your business funded much faster than on your own due to the network you gain access to; but essentially before you are ready to take any external money you need to know what you are building, who are your clients, how you test your value proposition, how to get your customers on board, what are your challenges as entrepreneur to build a successful business. And how to overcome these problems

Jun, 18, 2017