WNNA is an Intutive based personal recommendation engine that is empowered by AI. WNNA app recommends activities you could do based on decisions you would usually make. Activities may include listening to music, watching movies, eating food, visiting attractions and so on. It does this by scurrying through different sources over the internet, get you only the information you would regularly use to make decisions (show timings, rating, traffic) and in real-time, and then do more with the information (book tables or tickets, request an uber).

Akalati is a mobile application marketplace to facilitate catering and event management process in an easy way.

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During training, athletes may use incorrect techniques, over- or under-exercise their muscles. This leads to muscle injuries and minimizes training benefits. There are optimum exercise regimens and schedules according to each athlete’s body and goals. Kiwi's innovation is meant to adapt EMG sensors and add real-time analysis and connected wearables to help trainers and athletes in monitoring and profiling workouts. Kiwi is now working on the development of the product’s first prototype. They already have the first samples of test hardware working in the lab.


SIDDHI ENTERPRISES SPC started in September 2016 in CH9 (a very pleasant Working Atmosphere) is owned by well qualified Architect Lalit Mohan Chopra, having an experience of Forty Two years in the field of Architecture and Building Industry. OUR MOTTO is to create An Eco- Friendly Environment. We undertake all types of Consultancy in the industry including Designing, Estimating ( Preparing Bill of Quantities) both for building construction and building interiors, Tendering, Arranging Building Permits from local bodies, Supervising the execution of building & interior design and Project Management. To the satisfaction of Clients. We also undertake the preparation of Building Models

Fleek gives you the power to book your next beauty appointment with just a few taps. Book with your favorite beautician or discover new ones, get access to exclusive offers and earn points which can be redeemed for more rewards. We also businesses in the beauty and wellness industry with all their back office tools to help manage their busy schedule and other aspects of their business.


Cup of Art is a group of self-taught, amateur and professional artists eager to spread art spirit around the Island. They are currently running a coffee shop/Art hub within CH9, where they want people to create art while enjoying a cup of coffeet/tea

Social Media Club hosts conversations that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.


DigiSphere Solutions strives to partner with Entrepreneurs, Startups and SMEs, to (Re) invent their Business model with innovation beyond the use of digitization as core innovation routes, with more focus on eBusiness. Services: Business Model Innovation Advisory, walkthroughs, and consultancy. Digitization advisory, and Solutions. Partnership Business Model: Marketplaces development. Businesses and Digitization ecosystems. Business Innovation/Acceleration.


The GCC countries are home to the second largest remittance market in the world after the US, with over $100 billion sent annually. $50 billion of this comes from the 26 million low-income migrant workers that come to the GCC; primarily from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Banking practices over the years has become extremely difficult, expensive or inaccessible for anyone earning less than AED 5,000 per month in the UAE (or equivalent in other GCC countries). These low- income migrant workers endure unreasonably long hours in poor conditions to send a chunk of money home to support their families. The vast majority of this target market have infrequency and time constraints, meaning they have to spend any free time taking long trips to ATMs and exchange houses. When errors are made in forms, which happen quite frequently, there can be disastrous consequences. Dependents (on average 5 per worker) won't receive funds on time, and have to wait until the worker's next day off for them to resend. They are restricted to using pre-paid "payroll cards" and cash deposits as brick-and mortar exchange houses, which typically charge 8%+ for remittances. NOW Money provides a convenient, intuitive and cost effective financial management and remittance solution for people who are excluded from the benefits afforded to those with traditional bank accounts. By giving users visibility of balance, transactions and a marketplace of remittance options via the NOW Money smartphone app, users benefit from the same low rates and "anytime, anywhere" transactions that usually wealthier customers are used to. NOW Money remittance options typically fall lower that the standard remittance rate total meaning that as well as financial autonomy, the app provides users with incredibly significant savings over time. NOW Money will provide a fully functional account to a population that cannot currently access one due to their income status in the UAE, giving far greater financial inclusion across the UAE.