1001 Startup Ideas by YoStartups

Step One

YoStartups shares startup ideas in a structured pitch format so that the budding entrepreneurs are aware of possibilities that can be transformed into a successful business. YoStartups will be giving one idea per week in high growth sectors. These ideas will be translated into the local language and disseminated across colleges. students are free to build on these ideas and have no copyright obligation.

Step Two

The budding entrepreneurs rehearse pitching startup ideas by making small groups on their own. The Program will be held in CH9, there are no winners or losers. the best pitchers move to the country level pitching round which will be held in Bahrain. these pitches will help participants in understanding good business ideas and what makes a viable business.

Step Three

We will run 3 to 5 days on-site workshop with the early stage startups, and refine their initial business idea. The entrepreneurs will go through a series of hard and soft skill modules to sharpen their business acumen and understanding of startup processes to sharpen their business plan.

Step Four

Shortlisted pitches get nominated into a three-month virtual acceleration program to refine the startup idea. the sessions are conducted over the internet and follow the lean startup model and include guest lectures, industry interaction and domain-specific mentoring. the selected participants build a prototype of their idea and start testing it. Thereafter if they want they can move to accelerators and incubators.

Final Step

On the basis of program completion, 25% of the participating startups are assisted in applying to accelerator programs globally for prototyping their idea. by working with their idea along with a reputed program manager, they get closer to the product – market fit and eventually discover a business model that works.